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Back Corbyn to the Hilt: Don’t Trust Him to Deliver

There are defining moments in history and, although later acknowledged as such by all shades of opinion, they are often over-looked at the time by people too bound-up in their previous views to realize that they are being tested and that their response will, collectively, greatly influence the subsequent course of events.

One such event was the murder of 14 civilians by the British state in Derry, Ireland, in 1972. On that occasion the liberal middle class of Britain — the broadcasters, writers, accademics and constitutional representatives, the people who largely decide the prevailing national narrative — almost universally turned their back on truth, justice and principle and backed the whitewash concocted by a willing judiciary. They failed the test; failed, in most cases to even comprehend that it was a test and the result was a conflict that lasted another quarter of a century with thousands more lives lost. What the cowardly, un-principled British response achieved was not, as was intended, a swift end to a troublesome problem by uniting around a (false) premise of national unity but the delivery of the civil rights struggle of the six counties into the hands of the Provisional IRA who held out the promise of a solution when no-one else would.

The murder of 17 unarmed civilians by the Israeli apartheid state on the 30th March 2018 is such a moment in history. It is not the deaths, nor the number of deaths that make it so. Unfortunately Palestinian blood is spilt regularly both by the Israeli occupation forces and by criminal Zionist vigilantes. Indeed, seventeen deaths is rather a minor affair when simply compared to the carnage in Syria or Yemen or Myanmar. What makes this event a turning point is it’s political context.

Oppressive regimes fall, even the strongest, most impervious looking police states, when they can no longer function in the old way. The Stalinist regimes of eastern Europe succumbed in the end to their inability to compete economically in a world market to which they were always, despite ideological denials, subject. Their economic model was simply not competitive enough and without political change the model could not be ditched.

On the 21st March 1960 Apartheid police shot dead 69 unarmed civilians demonstrating against the race laws of the Apartheid state.

The ideology of Zionism can offer no more to it’s followers than another Peterloo.

Just as we were told at the time that Britain couldn’t possibly allow the Orange State to fall because Loyalists would be massacred or that South Africa needed the white big business to survive we will be assailed with lies, deformation and racist bigotry. The apologists for racism and the supporters of Israel who do so because they are themselves anti-semitic and want Jewish people out of their own countries will ceaselessly try to smear the growing numbers of oponents by insisting that the destruction of the apartheid state is the same as the destruction of it’s citizens. It won’t work anymore and it will increasingly work less and less well untill the day that Palestine returns to being a country where all citizens, Muslim, Jewish, Christian and any other, live peacefully alongside each other in a democratic state. It hasn’t always been so in the past either but we don’t excuse European imperialism on the grounds that it existed previously; instead we strive for improvement. Only a racist would assert that those young Palestinian women and men — those still alive — who are currently camped on the Gaza prison fence intend anything other than building a modern, civilized country where none currently exists.

So where does Corbyn come in ? Corbyn has been a life-long anti-racist and therefore a long-time supporter of the Palestinian struggle for human rights and their right to the rule of law. Since being elected as Labour leader he has been relentlessly bullied by the enemies of the labour movement and for the most part he has resisted. Those pernicious, spiteful forces have now found a weakness. Despite actual, independent data proving the opposite and despite the Chakrabarti Report confirming those data Corbyn has started down the path of all previous Labour left leaders. By accepting the lies about Labour anti-semitism in a desperate effort to stem the onslought of propoganda he has jeapordised electoral success, not strengthened it’s chances. It is the achilles heel of the Labour left that they ultimately believe that they can achieve the miracle of governing for the nation, for both the exploited and the exploiter. They naively expect, despite the lessons of history, that their enemies can be persuaded to do the right thing once it is clear how much support a left-leaning Labour Party really has.

Sugar doesn’t think Corbyn is anti-semitic, he thinks he’s a Socialist and he hates Socialists

On the 30th of March 2018, when our would-be chancellor should have been railing against the crimes in Gaza, John McDonnell was more interested in grovelling to the Capitalist thug Alan Sugar. Sugar doesn’t think Corbyn is anti-semitic, he thinks he’s a Socialist and he hates Socialists. No amount of grovelling will change that but it will make Sugar’s class stronger and the working class weaker.

Right now Corbyn is on his knees; that is not a position from where he will win an election

Gaza is a long way from Britain but if we cannot trust Corbyn to maintain principle over such a clear-cut matter how can we trust him not to cave in on any other issue ? Right now Corbyn is on his knees; that is not a position from where he will win an election.

A defeat for Labour at the next general election would be a disaster. Millions of people are hoping for an end to Tory austerity and a shift of wealth from the rich to the rest of us. I doubt the Labour left will deliver but I do expect a Labour Goverment to provide the conditions in which the labour movement will recover some power, make gains and grow in confidence, becoming, in the process, equipped to deliver real and lasting change. Either way a defeat would give a green light to those free-market fanatics who seek to use Brexit to re-calibrate Britain as a low-wage, low tax gold mine for the world’s most unpleasant Capitalists.

Making the right choice at this decisive moment in history is not just a matter of doing the right thing by the oppressed people of Palestine. It is also the mark by which Corbyn will or will not play his small part in history by defeating May and her lying, thieving, racist, war-mongering cronies at the ballot box.

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